Agents are Required:

1        We are paying to our Agents 15% of the goods price from every purchase made by the qualified food or beverage retail customers, registered by our Agents at our Web store Commissions are paid for each executed purchase order.

2        Our Agents are not acting as salespersons. You shall only find the customers for us, explain them how our Web store works, which advantages they could receive by purchasing from us and help them to enroll online at the page Trade Departments/Enrolling/Customers of this Web Store. To link your customers with you, you shall insert your Agent ID (e-mail address) into the corresponding field of Registration Form. The above will generate your commissions from every purchase of this customer. You will be not obliged to handle each order, placed by your customers - it will be duty of our staff. The details of our relations are described in our Agency Agreement Form SECC A-8 below.

3   You shall obtain the contacts of the potential customers yourself. We recommend you to use such sources as InfoUSA and Web sites of Departments of Business and Professional Regulation of your state. As well you are free to use your private contacts and talk for example with the owner of grocery or liquor store nearby your home.

4   We are not going to employ you, but inviting to joint business. As well we are not offering you any franchise and will not charge you for any setup fee. You shall work at your own expense and risk and we will not reimburse any your costs as telephone, fax, internet, tickets, gas, hotels, gifts etc, related to this job as well as you will not have any kind of insurance coverage from us. You will be responsible for paying of income tax from your commissions.

 You can act both as our Agent and as our Customer, but only if you will be qualified as Customer of one of wholesale categories (WN, WNWB, WNWBS or DFRFI) and act as our Distributor on the designated territory. In this case your total earning will be up to 22%: 15% of Wholesale Discount, replacing your Agency Commission + up to 7% of Order Value Discount.

6   Agents are getting full commissions only from purchases made by customers of retail categories (RN and RNWBS) enrolled by them. In case you would like to enroll us customer of wholesale category we will pay you 2% commission. Details you may see in the Agency Agreement Form SECC A-8 below.

We are required by the IRS to have a form W-9 on file before paying commissions to any United States based Agents. We ask that all our Agents except Distributors to complete and submit this form to us so that we have it on file. It is important for us to have this information to prevent delays in processing of your commission payments. In order to make this more convenient for you, we have provided an online version of the IRS form so that you may obtain it here.


To start the business with us please follow the instructions below:

STEP 1 - Both the IRS Form W-9 and our Agency Agreement forms have been saved in portable document format (PDF). In order to view the documents you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you already have it please proceed to Step 2. Otherwise, you may download it free from Adobe and follow the instructions to install it.

STEP 2 - You shall download, view and complete editable IRS Form W-9 (if you are going to act as our Distributor and receive discounts instead of commission, or not residing in the United States, we do not require Form W-9 from you):

  • Fill in your Federal Tax Identification Number, verify your name, address, and state specifically whether you are a Corporation, Individual, LLC, LLP, Not-for-Profit, Partnership, S-Corporation, Sole Proprietor, or Other.

  • Be sure that your identification number and name coincide. If you are using a Social Security Number as your Tax Identification Number, then we need your name, not your company name.

  • Your commissions shall be paid by Pay Pal, so you shall have valid and verified PayPal account which you can apply through PayPal banner link located at the homepage of our site; you shall insert the e-mail address, linked with your Pay Pal account where you would like to receive your commissions, both at the field "List account number(s) here (optional)" of the Form W-9 and at the field "Agent ID" of the customer Registration Form. Please note that to receive commission payments from us this e-mail address shall be used as your Agent ID.  

STEP 3 - You shall download, view and complete our editable Agency Agreement Form SECC A-8:

  • Fill in your name, address, and state specifically whether you are a Corporation, Individual, LLC, LLP, Not-for-Profit, Partnership, S-Corporation, Sole Proprietor, or Other.

  • Fill in your proposed designated Territory into the Sec. 1B and your proposed minimal annual sales target into the Sec. 3B.

  • Fill in your PayPal verified account into the Sec. 8D as well as your mailing address, fax number and e-mail address into the Sec. 20.

STEP 4 - Once both forms are completed please please print their hard copies, sign the contract, print or type your name    or name of signing officer and place your stamp, if you are a Company. Your signature must be notarized if you are individual.  Mail or fax Agency Agreement and IRS Form W-9, if applicable, to us:

South East Commerce Corp.
5201 Blue Lagoon Dr. 9F (PH)
Miami, FL 33126-2064
Attn: Agents Payable
Fax: (305)723-7792

 STEP 5 - Upon receipt of above document(s) in order and in case of our approval of your Agency Agreement we will countersign and mail or fax it to you as well as will submit your Form W-9, if applicable, to the IRS.

NOTE: Your Agency Agreement submitted to us shall be treated as your proposal to us. Our approval of your proposal is subject to our sole decision. We may reject your proposal with any reason or without any reason. As well we may provide you counterproposal if for example proposed exclusive territory is not free or proposed minimal annual sales value is too low.

  • If you have any questions regarding our conditions please send e-mail to