Ironclad protection for online shopping
Our Online Fraud Protection Guarantee

Use the American Express Card online, and you won't be held responsible for any unauthorized charges. 

No fine print, no deductibleójust ironclad protection, so you can shop with confidence anywhere on the Internet.


Maximum Security Maximum Security

We use secure encryption technology to keep your information confidential. And if someone uses your Card without your consent, you'll never pay any part of the fraudulent chargesónot even the first $50.

Quick Resolution Quick Resolution

If any unauthorized charge appears on your statement, simply notify us at the 800 number of the back of your Card, or access your account at and notify us by e-mail. In most cases, a temporary credit is given immediately.

24-hour Protection 24-hour Protection

Our Fraud Detection system watches your account for uncharacteristic or unusually high charges. If your identity is not verified, the purchase is stopped.

American Express is known for providing exceptional customer service, online and off. We're available 24 hours a day to answer questions or help with your account.


And now, with Private PaymentsSM, you can shop online and never have to give our your account number. Instead, you use a unique, random number for each purchase you make. Private Payments is fast, easy, safe, and free!

So enjoy secure shopping with your Cardójust one click away!